About E.D.C.

For over 38 years Elden Development Construction has been offering effective and innovative approaches to development and construction services by combining a thorough understanding of the development process with creative talent and technical expertise.

The Elden Development Construction has completed many successful commercial projects, as well as single-family residences, by providing development and construction management, cost estimation, construction inspection, and surety and completion work.

The Elden Development Construction is uniquely qualified to provide high personal levels of service while meeting increasingly complex needs of our clients. The scope and breadth of the experience of our company’s principal executives enriched with our dedication to direct involvement with each project, enables our firm to meet the client’s needs with cost effective service.

The Philosophy

“Anticipation” is at the cornerstone of Elden Development Construction’s philosophy: To anticipate all project situations and specifications; to judiciously plan and schedule each and every project to ensure that it is expedited with precision.

The team concept is another factor to Elden Development Construction’s philosophy. The contribution of the owner, architect, contractor and field crews are indispensable to the successful implementation and completion of a project. Not only does the Elden Development Construction’s practice this philosophy but extends it to all members involved in a project.

Each staff member is an active participant in the day-to-day operations of the company. Elden Development Construction’s recognizes that the input of not only the principals but also of all staff during the construction process is invaluable. This form of cooperation enables us to conform to the constraints of time and budget, resulting in saving money and meeting deadlines.

Our staff consists of qualified, dedicated professionals experienced in the skills of architecture, construction and construction management.

Peter Jung Ho Cha

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

  • Over 20 years experience in successful construction and construction development in and around Los Angeles
  • Over 25 years experience in design and architecture
  • Established rapport and relations with Korean American communities
  • Excellent management and operational skills
  • Strong communication skills: able to communicate and relay complex ideas to people at all levels and from diverse backgrounds
  • General Contractor Class A B License #970717