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Development & Construction

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Commercial & Residential Building


Commercial & Residential Building


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    Veterinary Hospital

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    Korean Air

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    Paris Baguette

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    Wilshire Bank

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    Tom N Toms Coffee

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    Madang Courtyard

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    Edgemind Clothing

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    United Dental Group

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    Pacific City Bank

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    Uniti Bank

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    Dr. Sun Ho Ha

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    Foothill Commerce Town Center

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About Elden

The Elden Company

For over 31 years Elden Development Construction has been offering effective and innovative approaches to development and construction services by combining a thorough understanding of the development process with creative talent and technical expertise.

The Elden Development Construction has completed many successful commercial projects, as well as single-family residences, by providing development and construction management, cost estimation, construction inspection, and surety and completion work.

The Elden Development Construction is uniquely qualified to provide high personal levels of service while meeting increasingly complex needs of our clients. The scope and breadth of the experience of our company’s principal executives enriched with our dedication to direct involvement with each project, enables our firm to meet the client’s needs with cost effective service.

The Philosophy

“Anticipation” is at the cornerstone of Elden Development Construction’s philosophy: To anticipate all project situations and specifications; to judiciously plan and schedule each and every project to ensure that it is expedited with precision.

The team concept is another factor to Elden Development Construction’s philosophy. The contribution of the owner, architect, contractor and field crews are indispensable to the successful implementation and completion of a project. Not only does the Elden Development Construction’s practice this philosophy but extends it to all members involved in a project.

Each staff member is an active participant in the day-to-day operations of the company. Elden Development Construction’s recognizes that the input of not only the principals but also of all staff during the construction process is invaluable. This form of cooperation enables us to conform to the constraints of time and budget, resulting in saving money and meeting deadlines.

Our staff consists of qualified, dedicated professionals experienced in the skills of architecture, construction and construction management.

Paul Chon Ho Kim

Chairman / Principal


• Over 31 year  experience in successful construction and construction development in and around Los Angeles
• Over 30 years experience in design and architecture
• Established rapport and relations with Korean American communities
• Established rapport and relations with  construction circle


• Excellent management and operational skills
• Strong communication skills: able to communicate and relay complex ideas to people at all levels and from diverse backgrounds


• General Contractor Class A.B. HIC
• License #493590

Peter Jung Ho Cha


• Over 20 years experience in successful construction and construction development in and around Los Angeles
• Over 25 years experience in design and architecture
• Established rapport and relations with Korean American communities
• Established rapport and relations with  construction circle

• Excellent management and operational skills
• Strong communication skills: able to communicate and relay complex ideas to people at all levels and from diverse backgrounds

• General Contractor Class A.B
• License #970717

Current Project Timeline

2011 - Present

  • 11. 2014

    Mapogalmaegi Restaurant @ Los Angeles

    Korean BBQ 3,200sq.ft

  • 09. 2014

    Uniti Bank @ Buena park

    Office Remodeling 2,500sq.ft

  • 08. 2014

    Wilshire Bank

    Buena Park, CA
    1,200 SF New Construction. Completed in 69 Calendar Days

  • 07. 2014

    Uniti Bank @ Garden Grove

    Office Remodeling 3,000sq.ft

  • 06. 2014

    La Crescenta House

    Remodeling 4,200 sq.ft

  • 04. 2014

    Eagle Rock York Project

    Comecial Building 6,000sq.ft

  • 03. 2014

    Veterinary Hospital

    3560 W. Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
    16,000 Sq.Ft. New Construction Building

  • 2014
  • 10. 2013

    Wishire Bank @ Head Office

    5th & 8th Floor office Renovation  25,000sq.ft

  • 09. 2013

    Pacific ocean Dental

    Montebello CA
    New Construction 1200 SF

  • 08. 2013

    Sae Han Bank

    Buena Park, CA
    1,200 SF New Construction. Completed in 69 Calendar Days

  • 07. 2013

    Uniti Bank @ Wilshire

    NEW LA Wilshire Office 4,000 sq.ft

  • 06. 2013

    United Dental Group

    3800 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles CA
    21 Exam rooms & 3 Surgery room T.I. 8500 SF

  • 05. 2013

    Hanmi Bank @ Fullerton

    Office Renovation 3,000sq.ft

  • 04. 2013

    Bun Shop Restaurant

    Fusion BBQ  2,500sq.ft

  • 2013
  • 12. 2012

    Saehan Bank @ Buena Park

    New branch 3,700 sq.ft

  • 10. 2012

    Tom N Toms Coffee @ DIAMOND BAR

    3,200 Sq.Ft. New Coffee shop

  • 08. 2012

    Single Custom House @ Palos Verdes

    5,000 sq.ft

  • 07. 2012

    Paris Baguette @ Western branch

     Remodeling 1,500 sq.ft


  • 06. 2012

    Hanmi Bank @ Vermont Office

    Renovation 5,500sq.ft


  • 05. 2012

    Paris Baguette @ Madang

    New Branch 3.000 sq.ft


  • 03. 2012

    Tom N Toms Coffee @Madang

    2,500 Sq.Ft. New Coffee shop

  • 2012
  • 11. 2012

    CGV USA LA office remodeling

    15,000.sq.ft high rise building

    Type-I Construction

  • 10. 2012

    Daewoo international Calofornia office

    12,000 sq.ft High Rise building

    Type-I Construction

  • 09. 2012

    Foothill Commerce town Center

    80,000 sq.ft New Commercial building Construction

  • 06. 2012

    Edgemine clothing

    Vernon, CA
    180,000 sq.ft ware house, 45,000 sq.ft new parking lot, 2story new entrance building,

    50,000 sq.ft new office

  • 2011

Elden Service


The Elden Development Construction has practiced the team approach in the development of projects since we began over 31 years ago, and our reputation as a service-oriented company is based on that philosophy.  Our team operates on mutual trust and respect.  This approach provides the client with a project that is one time and on budget.

​Elden Development Construction feels that key to a successful project is clear and frequent communication and commitment to quality interaction.  Through the design phase we work closely with the owner and the architect with a focus on budget and schedule.  The Elden Development Corporation team evaluates various systems, construction techniques and material, and provides engineering studies based on life cycle costs as follows:

Pre-construction Design, Review and Evaluation

1. As site plans and other pertinent information is obtained Elden Development Construction (EDC) will provide preliminary conceptual cost estimates.
2. EDC will act as an intermediary between the project and government agencies to ascertain and obtain the information and permits necessary for commencement of construction.
3. EDC will review and evaluate the proposed use of the site, including all factors relating to utility services and adjacent off-site and on-site improvements.
4. Whenever possible EDC will suggest economic and cost-saving measures without compromising the quality and performance of the project. EDC will prepare comparative cost estimates for any alternatives that appear acceptable.
5. EDC will review the architectural design to determine whether alternative architectural materials may be sued with the schemative design.
6. Based on mechanical and electrical design criteria EDC will suggest possible alternative designs that will be consistent with the required installation and operation parameters.
7. EDC will perform “Value Engineering,” relating the first cost of operating expenses to the overall life cycle of the project.  In other words, there may be a particular system that will require an increase or decrease in initial cost, but money saved through the overall life of the project.
8. EDC will continue to investigate the immediate and future availability of materials selected for construction.  Early order of materials and equipment must be considered from the beginning.


It is EDC’s policy to perform work in the safest manner possible, and be consistent with people as well as property.  The execution of all project operations is proceeded with the goal of accident prevention.  This is an integral part of our management objectives.  Our team is prepared to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of corporate employees as well as subcontractors.  Management will make frequent and unannounced visits to all job-sites to make certain all safety procedures and requirements are strictly observed.

Accident Prevention Program includes:
1. Methods of adhering to OSHA requirements
2. Accident reporting procedures
3. Procedures for dealing with safety violators
4. Personal safety equipment policy
5. Local ambulance, hospital and doctor phone numbers
6. New employee safety briefing
7. Drug and alcohol policy
8. Weekly tailgate meeting

Project Engineer’s Report includes:
1. Report number
2. Date
3. Weather
4. Number of personnel on the job-site
5. Current activities
6. Current tests
7. Quality control inspections performed
8. Problems affecting schedule or quality

All test results will be attached to the Quality Control Report.


Our EDC experienced estimators can effectively develop cost models to guide the BUDGETING AND DESIGN PROCESS.  The estimator will become involved with each trade through the pre construction phase, and assist in further relations with the subcontractor.  Through this personal interaction with subcontractors, bids are more precise and complete.  This process ensures accurate preliminary and final estimates and overall project cost control.

​EDC encourages the involvement of the project manager during the pre-construction phase, which will enable the project to be assessed and familiarized, that allows for correct and more complete subcontract agreements.


EDC is committed to on-time service.  Accurate scheduling is imperative in achieving construction deadlines.  Our computerized system provides the necessary tracking ability to complete projects on time.  This is a competitive edge and EDC has been successful at it for over 31 years.

Scheduling Continued
Once information is received it is evaluated and analyzed by our construction team, who ten incorporates all sequential activities into a working schedule that creates a realistic work flow pattern and expedites delivery of materials according to the precise needs of the working schedule.


Prior to construction EDC will draw together the Project Manager, Project Engineer, Field Superintendent and Construction Coordinator at the site of construction.  Staff will adjust according to size and nature of the project.  The on-site meeting of the construction team ensures that all procedures and responsibilities are understood and underway.  It also creates a clear line of communication between the subcontractors, EDC, the architect, the consultants and the owner.
The responsibilities of each project participant are as follows:
1. Project Manager
• Manage on-site construction
• Schedule Compliance
• Verify specified methods and materials
• Quality Control
• Maintain Job-site Cost Control and prepare Consolidated Cost Reports
• Conduct Inspections
• Coordinate construction activities and government agencies
• Conduct weekly job-site meetings with owners, architects, consultants and other essential parties
• Document all action items and follow-through of such actions until completion

2. Project Superintendent
• Plan and coordinate all stages of construction
• Implement and update of detailed progress schedules
• Maintain daily logs of job-site activities
• Assure compliance to plans and specifications
• Maintain Quality Control
• Manage labor relations
• Ensure safety and good housekeeping measures

3. Project Engineer & Assistant Project Manager
• Process shop drawings
• Perform cost estimates as required
• Update construction schedules
• Assist Field Superintendent with daily construction site activities
• Track material procurement

4. Construction Coordinator
• Perform  all clerical related functions and activities
• Coordinate meetings

EDC’s qualified personnel will work together to accomplish the project within deadlines set up in the preliminary stages.  Field organization, along with proven procedures, is key to the successful completion of a project.


A cost control system is essential for project management at all times and levels.  It enables us to make sound management decisions.  The following factors are analyzed upon acceptance of a bid from subcontractors:
1. If roles of the subcontractor are complete and well defined.
2. If scheduling commitments are reliable and realistic.
3. If all possible cost saving alternatives are fully investigated.
4. If subcontractors are financially qualified and capable.  Credit report will be analyzed before the selection of a trade contractor is final.

​The payment of all labor, material, equipment rental and subcontractor invoices will be processed through EDC’s  construction administration.  Monthly and all costs to date, as well as commitment to completion will be reported by line item accounts, and a consolidated cost report will be prepared showing the current adjusted Guaranteed Maximum Cost compared to the project’s final cost at completion.






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